Saturday, 4 January 2014

A little Macrame....

Happy New Year !

During the Christmas break I decided to have a go at something different, having never made friendship bracelets at school or anything remotely macrame, it was a completely new craft to me. I have had a couple of books on macrame jewellery and knots for a while and I purchased some brightly coloured cord from an e-shop and finally made myself have a go !
So one evening sat in front of the fire, with a board,pins, thread some glass beads and book I made a couple of bracelets. My very first attempt is the one pictured above...quite pleased how it turned out, the thread was too thick to thread through a original choice for a fastener, but a larger glass bead followed by a cluster of small beads worked just as well ! The thread itself had graduated colours so gave some nice mixes along the piece.

Here's the second piece, using a slightly different variation on a square knot. It slides open and closed to get it over your hand.

The next night, I attempted a necklace, starting off with 4 threads I strung on several clear glass beads, various sizes and shapes evenly along the middle of the threads, then added a large overhand knot followed by macrame ! the fastener is similar to the second bracelet I made, but is probably long enough to fit over a head without, it gives a little more choice in length I suppose.

 Here it is in full ......

 Thanks for stopping by,
I'll be back very soon with some cards !

Kate x


  1. Fabulous friendship bracelet
    love it
    colours of rainbow
    hugs Tamara

  2. Hi hun! I woudln't have guessed this was your first time making these. I think you did a great job with them! They are really pretty. Hugs! xx

  3. I think they look pretty good. xxxx


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