Monday, 4 August 2014

beads and chain

 I finished off a couple of long neglected pieces this weekend. Chainmaille I had made sometime ago, but could never work out what to use to finish (fastener etc). I had added beads but that didn't feel quite right, then I made it into one long necklace...but that didn't seem right either. Finally I found these fabulous toggle clasp's on Etsy, by a UK artist Miz George. I made it into a necklace and bracelet. They do feel fabulous to wear like that.
 I di have a tendency to start projects and get distracted before I finish them...but I was determined to finish this order to start another type of beadwork. This is my 1st ever effort at beadwork and the herringbone style. I have used 'cheap' beads which are not very evenly shaped/ it's a little wavy.
 I added a glass button and a hoop to was quite enjoyable and was good practise to weave in new threads and getting tension right etc.I will teach myself some more 'stitching' before using the more expensive and uniform beads !
Thanks for stopping by,
Kate x


  1. Love your bracelet Kate. It is much easier with delicas rather than seeds - it makes everything simpler - tension, form, even weaving in ends.

  2. Good things come to those who wait!! The toggle clasps are PERFECT for your chainmaille. Beautiful work!


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