Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Colour in beads

 These remind me of blueberries, I had a couple of these enamelled head pins and they just went beautifully with these beads.

I had a few of theses cane glass beads and had no idea what to do with them for ages, just add some sparkly faceted beads and hey presto....

It seems so hard to photograph purple beads, they either come out much more blue or darker than they are...any tips ?

I had lots of green beads left in my stash, green is not a colour I like much on myself, my Sister on the other hand loves green.... I made this for her birthday.

Remember the last jubilee celebration? well I made a chunky necklace for it but then never wore it again, took it apart and remade it with a few different beads intermingled.... Mum snatched this one up..to go with a red dress she has....
Kate x

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