Thursday, 7 April 2016

Cross stitch cat....

 Would you laugh if I told you this cushion (that I completed yesterday) is more than 25 years old? well my boys found it amusing.
I purchased the kit when I was working in a craft shop at the time I studied for my A levels,25 years ago. I didn't start it until much later, in fact after the 2 older boys were born, about 15 years ago.I have undertaken many cross stitch pictures/items, some at the same time. Due to the large blocks of colour I tended to swap between projects, to avoid getting bored, plus I left the face of the cat until last. I actually finished the cross stich sections (front and back) about 2-3 years ago and they have sat in a box in my craftroom since. A few times I would get them out and ponder on how to put it together (I have never piped anything before), in the end I tacked it altogether to ensure I had positioned it correctly, When I realised that it would work I set to it with my sewing machine. Due to the aida fabric I knew I needed to make an inner cushion, so finally scrounged some pale cream fabric from Mum and cobbled one together yesterday. I had ordered a huge bag of toy stuffing from the internet (much bigger than I had anticipated) so had sufficient materials to complete, and here it is!!
Well I need to go check for any other uncompleted projects, I'm fairly sure there is a bird sampler waiting framing somewhere, will need to go find that one!
Kate x

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