Monday, 1 September 2014

A liitle bit more beading

This is what I have been doing over the summer... I had a go at some peyote stitching, once you get past the first couple of rows it's nice and straightforward. I even stitched the loop/clasp fastening, so it's all one piece.Plenty of starting new threads, very good practise. They feel like ribbon...quite addictive....
here's a mix of seed beads I had leftover from a jubilee creation...
Then I had a go at putting in a pattern, a bit mote tricky...I was watching the BBC 'our world war' at the time and did go a bit wrong with the pattern...concentrate !!

 So for another stitch this time a spiral, this grows kind of creation, can be impatient at times ! I started with a bracelet,

then decided on a necklace, so did a much longer length...but how to finihs it? I opted for covering a wooden bead....didn't master that too well, got in a tangle, but as I had started I perseveered...finally covered the bead...don't look too close, not the tidiest (I did say I wasn't the most patient person) ! but added some extra contrasting beads in a  twist around the bead and some tassles....

DH thought it was a curtain tie back...oh well !

So then I decided I needed more practice at the different stitiches before launching into big complex pieces..take a step back !
so one of the many books 'The Beaded bracelet' by Carole Rodgers, has a sample bracelet, you do individual lengths of different stitches then put them altogether into one 'sampler' bracelet.

Here it is, 8 different stitches in a variety of colours, I have finished it with bead caps and a silver toggle clasp. (Here's a Christmas pressie completed then !)

 There are 8 different stitches, peyote, ladder, netting, triangle, herringbone, right angle weave,square and alternating brick stitch.
I do this in the summer as my eyesight is not great and the light evenings help ! plus the glasses and at times a magnifying glass also assist me to see what I am doing.

Kate T x


  1. Hi Kate, I did afew bits but was always bothered about the knots not holding, I,m just a worryer. Yours looks fab, love the black one. xxxx

    1. Thanks wendy, yes I know what you mean, but I have used fireline (fishing line) and the knots seeme quite secure.


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